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An Interview with Adam Von Rothfelder, PCC Instructor

by Adrienne Harvey

Dragon Door: You have an amazingly varied background, how did you originally become interested in martial arts and fitness?

Adam Von Rothfelder: Growing up, my older brother and I would watch Bruce Lee and kung-fu movies. And I was always jumping off the couch, emulating them! I started learning karate and gymnastics at around age six. Those were my two main sports, even though soccer took over for a while as I got older. But at 32 years old, I’m still a very physical person—working out all the time and still practicing martial arts on the side.

Trainer Adam Von Rothfelder from "STRONG"

by TMJ4

Fresh off the premiere of "STRONG" on NBC, we welcome back trainer and contestant Adam Von Rothfelder! He gives us his thoughts on the premiere, the Milwaukee fitness scene, and what it takes to be STRONG.

You can catch "STRONG" on NBC every Thursday at 7pm. For more information on Adam and his gym, CoMo, visit .

This Super Unique Workout from an NBC Strong Trainer
Will Challenge Your Body (and Mind)

by Lauren Mazzo

NBC's newest fitness reality show, Strong, is all about women competing to become stronger—both inside and out—and a little about the hot male trainers transforming them. (For more eye candy, try our 30-Day Hot Guy HIIT Challenge.) We snagged Adam Von Rothfelder, one of the Strong trainers, and his amazing team member and contestant Claudia "CC" Collazo to demo a "free movement" workout for us.