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Post 2


Have you ever seen the movie “Any Given Sunday” with Al Pacino and Dennis Quaid? If not, you definitely should. In this case, whether you have seen the movie or not doesn’t matter, however the title does. Any given Sunday is a term used in the football world to indicate or describe the fact that on any given day, no matter your place, position or past, you can win or lose. This is true not just for football, or sports for that matter, but also in life. It is my belief that on any given day we can be great. We were given so much inherent power and will to design our own destiny. It is this same will that gave us the ability to evolve and create the world that we see before us today.

So how do we continue to create a better tomorrow? Well, it starts with today. It is my belief that we have to maintain certain fundamentals in our life: Movement, Nutrition, Recovery and Relationships. It is fundamentals like this that are the root to our “SELF”. Without these we would be fat, sick and alone. Our ancestors knew these fundamentals were important. It is on these things that we build a solid foundation for everything else in life. If it wasn’t for our earlier motivation as a species we would still be grunting and cleaning our caves instead of writing books, porting our Bentleys and who can forget eating space food! It is this call to man or woman that I say Earn The Day!