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The other day I was on an intense call that began to test my patience. Just as I was about to blow up from frustration I started playing with my vewdo balance board. A board that rolls on a wheel similar to teeter totter but with more complexity. Within seconds of balancing on the board my stress started to slip away and I began to relax into a much calmer more present state of consciousness. As I ended the call a thought came into my head that balancing could be good for your DNA? and is good balance hereditary? I mean both my daughters have great balance so it could be possible. I started researching both of these thoughts and in a short period of time found a great amount of evidence that supports a yes and a no. First off NO! good balance is not hereditary. It's based off situational development and early exposure to balancing or cross directional movement such as gymnastics, soccer, martial arts ec.. As for the other question. Could balancing help your DNA health. The answer is yes. But why? Well stress has been directly related to damaging DNA health. There are telomeres at the end of each DNA strand that have been directly linked to longevity & quality of life. Since Telomeres are damaged by stress essentially reducing the length of them which in fact hurts your DNA. With all this taken into account I believe it's safe to say that balancing can not only reduce stress and improve DNA health possibly allowing you to live longer.

So what if you don't have a vewdo board?
Balancing although more fun with toys can be done with no equipment and minimal planning making it a great intermittent practice. Check out the sample program below for building balance:
1.Stand on one leg 1min left/right
2.Repeat with eyes closed
3.Stand on both feet one directly in front of the other.
A.Left in front of Right 1min
B. Right in front of left for 1min
4.Repeat with eyes closed
5.Jump for one minute on both feet